Meet the Team

Kristine Williams - Owner / Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN Chiropractor Kristine WilliamsI am so fortunate to have found health in my life after being diagnosed with cancer. My story starts when I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2001 after going to the doctor for back pain. This diagnosis took me down the medical route of chemotherapy, dozens of CAT scans and multiple trips to the doctor. Needless to say it was not my idea of what life was to be at 34 years old.

During my first 2 Chemotherapy treatments I had literally lost 15 lbs and all my hair. I knew at this point I was going to die if I kept going down this road. So I did what most people don’t do. I took the road less travelled. Through the advice of a very special telemarketer (who I am friends with to this day) I changed everything I knew about the food I ate, the supplements I took, the products I used, and the thoughts I allowed to stay in my head as well as the words that came out of my mouth. It all changed.

Against the oncologist’s advice, against my family and friends’ advice, against the fear of the unknown, I stopped all my cancer treatment. I began my own journey of discovery for health. It was hundreds of hours on the internet, dozens of books on health, and many hours speaking with natural paths, s, holistic M.D.’s, and dentists, that I journeyed. Now 15 years later, I am still here. I am happy, healthy and excited to share the most exciting news of all! You don’t have to be overweight, sick or unhealthy. The oncologist at Mayo Clinic gave me a year to live, but I am still here and I am sharing the message that was right under my nose. Literally!

I am so passionate about health. I found true health to be a balance of right eating, right nutrition, right exercise, right relationships, stress reduction, a nervous system working at 100%, family, and God. This is what I strive to balance in my life and in the clinic. Visit Diagnostic Weight Solutions today!

Josh Masera - General Manager

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN Josh Masera Case ManagerI have grown up around the alternative medicine lifestyle, with my mother being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and beating it the natural way alternative medicine has always intrigued me. Stem Cells have come so far in the last decade and it has been so exciting to be able to offer them at our clinic. Helping people has and will always be our #1 goal here.

I have been in the service for close to 10 years now, have loved every second of it, and was able to carry what I learned there into my forever profession. When I am not at the office, I love spending time with my beautiful Labs, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Jolynn Chileen - Weight-Loss Technician Manager

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN JolynnI joined The Movement Chiropractic in 2017. I have been in the chiropractic and weight loss industry for the past 12 years. I also was a massage therapist for 30 years. I feel like my smile, sense of humor, and Southern Hospitality are a part of making all of our patients feel welcome. Weight loss and Chiropractic care are not just a job for me, but a life style. I will gladly help you with all your office account questions and concerns regarding your experience at our clinic. Typically, I will be your first point of contact when you come to our clinic. Personally, I love to boat in the summer, snowmobile in the winter, and spend time with family and friends.

Danielle Waldock - Front End Manager

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN DanielleI’ve been fortunate enough to spend the past 8 years in the healthcare field. Most of my time has been in a chiropractic office. The combination of loving health and people makes my job so easy. I get to help people feel better every day. I grew up with a mom that was all about eating healthy so working in a natural health care environment was an easy transition for me.

What I love about working at The Movement is Dr. Paul does so much more with his patients than most chiropractors. He not only gets his patients out of pain, but he works with his patients on their nutrition and diet. He has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and reverse certain diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. It is truly an amazing experience to work here.

Outside of work, I love taking my dog (Jade) for walks, camping, hiking, fishing, and shooting my bow. I am probably more of a tomboy so spending time outdoors is always my preference. My perfect vacation would include me in the mountains camping along a stream with fishing pole and bow in hand. God and family are very important to me as well.

Natalie Stephens - Senior Weight-Loss Technician


My name is Natalie, I grew up in a small town near Willmar, MN, I have 3 daughters 15, 11 & 9.  I have been in the Health Care field off and on since graduating from Ridgewater College in 2005 as a Certified Massage Therapist.  I enjoy running, biking, kayaking, movie nights, music, books, cooking, baking and of course my love for Crossfit.  I have a passion for wanting to be able to help others become more knowledgeable about the human body and the importance of spinal health to help promote overall wellness.

Justine Zaver - Weight-Loss Technician

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN Justine Zaver Weight Loss TechnicianI love working with people and building relationships with clients. Mental health has been a strong interest in my life because of all of the people around me who have been and still are affected by various diagnoses. I studied psychology and fine arts in college and have learned a lot about interpersonal relationships and ways to cope with stress and trauma. Life can be hard sometimes so I always want to look for ways to make my life and others lives easier and less stressful so we can all live the best life possible. I knew I wanted to work at a company that cared about their employees and clients, and had values that aligned with what I believed in. The Movement staff truly cares for everyone and wants to see others thrive physically and mentally. I was a patient at The Movement for over a year before I started my job here. It’s been amazing helping people reach their goals and seeing their progress and hard work. I have been on a wellness journey for most of my life so it’s been great being around people to help keep me accountable and healthy. God knew what He was doing when He brought me here.
When I am not working, I am doing photography and drawing commissions part-time. I also spend a lot of time on all of my hobbies, hanging out with friends, and reading with my awesome cat, Rex, on my lap.

Anne Dahlheimer - Massage Therapist

Weight Loss Maple Grove MN Anne Dahlheimer Massage Therapist

Massage therapy, for me, was a way I could help my friends and family feel better. I was drawn to learning about our bodies and thought that could be helpful in my own life as well. It has become more than that for me. I love meeting new people and now I get to help people feel like better versions of themselves. I graduated from the Minnesota school of business for massage therapy in 2006. Massage truly feels natural to me. I have always been drawn to the medical aspects that massage has to offer people...and relaxing a bit feels wonderful too. I have worked in many settings as a massage therapist but I feel best working along side chiropractors and other therapists who, as a team, really help eachother to help their clients. A smile on your face is what I like to see.

Outside of work I spend most of my time with my 2 children. Other than that I just enjoy being with friends and people who make me smile.


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