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We take nutritional counseling very seriously. We approach every case as its own unique situation. What we find is that people have health conditions that become labeled and often times the condition or label is treated and not the specific cause of the condition. If the mechanism for what is driving the condition is found then the proper steps can be taken to treat the condition and restore function.

Most people think they are overweight because of bad diet and lack of exercise. We know many patients who have a “decent” diet and exercise regularly, but are overweight or are chronically fatigued, or “diabetic”, or have hormone issues, or have high blood pressure, and so on. Once we know where the body has lost function then we can begin to restore function to the body and reverse the symptoms of disease and poor health.

Our thorough process of restoring body function begins with complete health history and intake paperwork. After we review the paperwork and health history then a consultation follows. The consultation will then determine what the next step is for each client. Most of the time treatment can begin right away, but for more complicated cases further testing may be needed.

We also work with The Movement Health Solutions (Dr. Paul Williams). Dr. Williams is a Functional Medicine doctor who works in functional endocrinology. Using complete blood work, urine analysis, and specialty tests he is able to find where the body has lost function and then uses nutritional protocols and supplements to restore proper function to the body.
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By Kristine Williams


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